Allison & Busby to reissue four titles in cartoon collection.

Norman Thelwell licensing programme grows

This month will see Allison & Busby reissue four titles from Norman Thelwell’s cartoon collection.

All four are tongue-in-cheek guides to varied hobbies and country pursuits: fishing, gardeing, sailing and golfing. All will be available in hardback and priced at £9.99 each.

Compleat Tangler aims to show what fishermen really get up to when they abandon a warm bed before the crack of dawn, stuffing a bag with tins of assorted maggots, pulped bread and a folding campstool.

Up the Garden Path is a tongue-in-cheek guide to all aspects of gardening, from how to make a hole in a frozen fish pond to how to get your mower out of the shed. It also includes a calendar of essential work throughout the year.

Three Sheets to the Wind, meanwhile, is the perfect gift for any sailor who has misinterpreted a distress signal, worn stilettos on board, abandoned ship or experienced irreparable damage to their social status at the club.

Finally, Play It As It Lies is a good gift for any golfer who has experienced the horrors of sporting the wrong attire on course, losing his ball or being wronged for unforgivable gamesmanship.

The licensing programme for Norman Thelwell is being handled by Karen Addison.

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