Numskull teams with Capcom to launch Street Fighter V and retro Street Fighter clothing

Apparel specialists Numskull has teamed with Capcom to launch a line of official Street Fighter V and retro Street Fighter II merchandise.

The line is being launched to coincide with the arrival of the latest title in the Street Fighter franchise – Street Fighter V – the fifth installment of the popular gaming series from Capcom.

The two new lines have been designed to appeal to cross generations of gamers, whether ‘old school arcade gamers’ and fans of the retro Street Fighter II title, or at the forefront of the franchise’s latest iteration, Street Fighter V.

The new range of clothing and accessories includes baseball shirts, polo shirts, a Chun-Li or Ryu hoodie, keyrings, a KO scarf and a selection of knitted Street Fighter Christmas jumpers.

‘Numskull products help you represent the games and movies you love with cool, subtle references, inspired from what you have fondly watched, played and reminisced many times before,’ read a statement from the firm.

‘We work with the biggest and best brands in the world, manufacturing licensed products while working with innovative companies like Sony PlayStation, Disney, BBC, Sega, Capcom and Ubisoft.’

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