Oilily expands further into licensing

Dutch lifestyle brand Oilily is celebrating its 50th anniversary this autumn with the signing of four new partnerships.

The brand operates in the fashion, home products and mobililty categories, which includes Oilily bicycles developed in collaboration with Sparta and due for launch in early 2014.

The firm has also entered into an agreement with German wallpaper manufacturer A.S Création Tapeten AG to produce Oilily wallpaper. The firm produces more than 6,000 different wallpaper designs each year.

To expand its existing stationery line, the brand will be working with Portico Designs on a social stationery range aimed at young women. In addition to this, the line will be marketed in Europe by teNeues, one of the largest international social stationery publishers. The first collection will be available in stores starting from next year.

Finally, Oilily smartphone cases will be produced by Uncommon, hitting the US market first before expanding globally.

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