Opinion: Kevin the Carrot’s Elton John pastiche could be a bold new licensing step for Aldi

Aldi certainly looks to be building quite the universe around its Kevin the Carrot, the grocer’s own festive mascot, in a latest ad pastiching this year’s John Lewis spectacle.

Move over Kevin the carrot, and enter Veg Dwight. 

Yes, the retailer certainly seems to know its onions when it comes to marketing this year, having pastiched the John Lewis Christmas ad featuring Elton John with its own take: one Kevin the carrot sat at a piano dressed as the iconic performer.

‘Veg Dwight’ goes on to compare two packets of rocket salad, but ultimately insisting that he is in fact, a "carrot man."

It’s the latest in what is fast becoming a quickly building universe for Aldi’s mascot, Kevin, and a favourite among a growing fan base across social media. Already this year, reports of Kevin the Carrot plush selling out at the retailer’s UK stores have hit the media.

Meanwhile, the latest advert has seen fans call for the release of ‘Veg Dwight’ plush lines, as well as a series of books.

Could Aldi be about to launch an entire licensing programme around the character of Kevin the carrot? The introduction of his nemesis – Pascal the Parsnip – certainly indicates there’s a storyline being developed here. 

Meanwhile on Twitter, the grocer has acknowledged calls for an extension of the character’s world into books and other mediums, stating – "it will pass all comments and calls for products on to the relevant team."

does Kevin the Carrot have the clout to become a new licensing hit? If Aldi can maintain the strength of its current marketing strategy for the character, as well as its retail brand, this could be a new era for licensing entirely.

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