Oscar-nominated director Sylvain Chomet designs The Simpsons couch gag

It’s been described as the strangest and the coolest Simpsons couch gag yet.

Created by Oscar-nominated filmmaker, comedian and animator, Sylvain Chomet, the gag starts off in the traditional Matt Groening animated style, until the famous Springfield family is plunged into darkness.

When the lights come back on, their world has been transformed into that of the style of the French director, most known for animated movies The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist.

The scene then features a whole host of cultural references, including Bart stuffing a goose to make pate and Lisa playing the accordion.

The opening gag is paired with the episode titled Digs, which will air on Sunday, March 9th.

Check out Chomet’s The Simpsons couch gag below:

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