Outfit 7 looking for ‘next big entertainment partnership’

Outfit 7, the entertainment company behind the Talking Tom and Friends app, is looking for its next entertainment partnership, taking ideas from the creative industry for the first time.

As part of the firm’s dedication to expansion, the company has launched an ideas submission page on its website.

The firm boasts a network of 170 million monthly active users along with 1.3 billion downloads and a host of further achievements, including YouTube singles, an animated web series and merchandise.

Outfit 7 is now ‘eager to harness its creativity and expertise in a way that offers something unique to the entertainment industry.’

Samo Logon, CEO and co-founder of Outfit 7, said: "We’ve dedicated a lot of time and creativity to developing the right IP and ensuring it resonates with a global audience.

"We now have a devoted network of fans who are ready to be introduced to the next big entertainment experience. We’d love to partner with a creative maverick who is looking to utilise our expertise and industry know-how to make their idea become a reality.

"Be it apps, animated series’, games, websites or movies; so long as it embodies universal fun and creativity – themes we pride ourselves on and have built a reputation in – then we’re waiting to hear from them." 

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