Outfit7 unveils new Talking Tom Gold Run game

Outfit7 has revealed that its Talking Tom and Friends franchise has surpassed the 4.5 billion download mark, making it one of the most downloadable app franchises worldwide.

The entertainment firm is now set to launch a new app known as Talking Tom Gold Run, a game that gives players a reason to run.

“Through the limited release test, we saw how receptive gamers were to the unique combination of a runner and builder style of gameplay,” said Samo Login, founder and CEO of Outfit7.

“With so many different elements used within this game, several player emotions are evoked, including courage, independence, self-realisation and motivation.”

The game starts out with a robbery, which will encourage players to run as fast as possible and collect fallen gold bars, whilst dodging obstacles.

With seven worlds to unlock, players will also have to help Tom and his friends build their dream homes.

Login added: “Talking Tom Gold Run draws the user in with an interactive storyline, top-notch graphics and iconic characters that users have come to know and love.

“We guarantee the gamer will never get bored with so many unique worlds and segments to unlock.”

The new app is free to download from today on all major platforms and includes the option for in-app purchases.

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