Penguin to publish recovered Beatrix Potter title this year

Penguin Random House has revealed it will publish a new Beatric Potter title, over 100 year it was orignally written.

Called the Tale of Kitty-in-Boots, the title – originally penned in the 1970s – has surfaced after it was discovered by PRH Children’s’ Jo Hanks.

Hanks found that the book itself contained a reference to a letter that Potter had sent her publisher in 1914, which referred to a story about a ‘story about a well-behaved black kitten, who leads a double life, and an unedited manuscript of the tale.

The new title will be illustrated by well-known artist – and man behind a large number of the Roald Dahl classics – Quentin Blake. 

‘A trip to the V&A archive, where many of Potter’s items are kept, revealed three manuscripts, handwritten in children’s school notebooks, one rough colour sketch of Kitty-in-Boots, a dummy book with some of the typeset manuscript laid out and a pencil rough of arch-villain Mr. Tod,’ read a statement from the firm.

‘A unique book like this needed not only a special moment to be revealed but also a special illustrator. PRH Children’s approached Quentin Blake, and he was thrilled to take on the project.’

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