Pets Rock animated series announced

Cuppa Coffee Studios and Polyblank Designs have signed a development deal for a Pets Rock Animated Series.

Polyblank Designs, the UK company behind the Pets Rock phenomenon in leading stores around the world, has signed a development deal with Toronto-based, Cuppa Coffee Studios to develop the brand into a half-hour animated comedy series.

"We’ve taken this superlative, international brand and have added a new animated, comedy spin with a bite”, said Adam Shaheen, president of Cuppa Coffee Studios.

"Polyblank Designs came to us, because of our animated sense of comedy and embraced aspects of our shows like Starveillance, Celebrity Death Match and Life’s a Zoo – skewering and honouring the world of celebrity has been our bread and butter for 2 decades.”

“Our $60 million brand is loved worldwide by celebrities and pet owner’s alike” added owners Mark and Kate Polybank in a statement.

"We can’t wait to finally bring our crazy comic con world of pets to life to tickle the ribs of viewers and poke fun at those who take themselves far too seriously. Pets Rock is ‘More Fun Than Fame’!"

The series concept will be unveiled prior to the 2017 Mipcom market.

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