PhatMojo readies new Animal Jam collectables

A new line of Animal Jam products are set to launch, thanks to a new deal with WildWorks and PhatMojo.

As part of the deal, PhatMojo will develop a range of blind-bag and non-blind packaged collectables.

“Animal Jam is awesome and an excellent fit for our expanding portfolio,” said Shawn McCarthy, CEO of PhatMojo.

“The game’s focus on its community and the Jammer experience is a great match for how we approach our product lines. Who knows? Making these collectables may even help a few of us attain celebrity status – everyone wants to be a famous Jammer.”

The company’s new line of items aim to capture the game’s most iconic avatars and popular player customisations.

Clark Stacey, CEO of WildWorks, added: “PhatMojo has done first-class work with a diverse group of hallmark properties. They are very skilled at creating on-brand, memorable products that fans love.

“We’re especially excited about the thoughtful touches we are working together to create, like the revenue benefit to organisations that support conservation. This aligns with our mission to teach kids to interact responsibly with the environment.”

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