Pineapple Express secures licensing deals for THC trademark

Pineapple Express, a firm that offers branding concepts to businesses in the legal cannabis industry, has signed two royalty agreements concerning its web domain and THC trademark.

The firm has licensed its web domain to The Hit Channel, meanwhile its THC trademark has been licensed to apparel brand, Putnam Accessory Group.

The new collection from Putnam will span scarves, gloves, hats and more, which is expected to launch in July.

"We are making incredible strides with revenue generation which will lead to long-term and steady growth for our company and value for our shareholders,” said Matthew Feinstein, CEO and chairman of Pineapple Express.

“We recently finished paying the prior owners of and the THC trademark. With that transaction now closed we were ready with these exciting licensing deals, which make the most of these assets by putting them in experienced and capable hands so that our management team can focus on our other revenue generation sources we are currently developing."

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