Playboy wins counterfeit case against Play Beverages

A jury has returned a unanimous verdict in favour of Playboy and against Play Beverages and CirTran Beverage in a case regarding counterfeiting, awarding Playboy $7m in damages. 

The case was raised as Play Beverages/CirTran continued to sell and to market energy drink products using Playboy trademarks, even though the license to use such trademarks had ended.

Following a full trial, the jury issued a complete victory to Playboy on all counts. The jury found that Play Beverages/CirTran had committed counterfeiting, willful trademark infringement and engaged in willful deceptive practices. The jury also determined that the license agreement had ended and Play Beverages had breached the agreement.

The verdict makes clear that no one other than Playboy has legitimate rights to use the Playboy brand in connection with energy drink products.

Playboy will now strongly enforce the judgment against Play Beverages/CirTran to stop the companies from engaging in counterfeiting activities.

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