PlayKids expands to China

Children’s entertainment platform PlayKids is expanding to China with the launch of a new app featuring popular shows from DreamWorks, PBS, HIT Entertainment and more.

The move comes after a “stellar year” for the global kid’s app that has played over 500 million episodes of popular children’s content to audiences across the world.

The new app will now be available to the Chinese market via iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is available to download via The App Store.

Across the territory, the new PlayKids app will feature top Chinese shows such as Dinobob, Mumu Tribe, Our Friend Xiong Xiaomi, rubi, Beva Songs, Ben Rat, Wild Baby Explorers and global titles such as Octonauts and Fireman Sam.

As an added feature, parents and kids will be able to watch classic series such as Pingu, Rupert the Bear and Roary the Racing Car.

“With more and more children using apps on mobile devices, it was imperative that we offer relevant, secure and frequently updated educational content to meet the needs of parents and kids alike,” said Eduardo Henrique, head of global expansion at the Mexican firm, PlayKids.

“As a parent myself, I know that children want fun and engaging content. So by launching in China and updating PlayKids worldwide, we are able to satisfy and reach millions of more families in a trusting and safe way.”

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