Poetic Brands revs up licensed apparel with Haynes car manuals brand

Licensed apparel specialist Poetic Brands is to develop a clothing range based on Haynes Publishing famous car manuals.

The range will include adult apparel such as nightwear, all of which will feature imagery synonymous with the Haynes brand.

Haynes Manuals have seen global sales total more than $150 million. First published in 1966, each manual is based on the stripdown and rebuild of the project vehicle with step-by-step photographs.

‘The iconic books have helped successive generations of amateur mechanics to fix their cars and hold a special place in the affections of the nation,’ read a statement from the firm.

Iain Wakefield of Haynes Publishing, said: “Haynes Manuals are much-loved so are ideal for a clothing line, and we are delighted to be working with Poetic Brands as they have an incredibly strong record in extending properties into the apparel sector.”

Elliott Matthews of Poetic Brands, added: “We are very excited to be working with such a classic brand. Even people with no interest in cars recognise the imagery – all these books are in millions of homes.

“This also taps into the automotive trend that’s throughout retail at the moment, so we’re expecting a great sales performance from this range.”

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