Fans can pick up Charizard holding a Mega Stone at participating outlets.

Pokémon fans get extra at GAME stores thanks to special promo

From July 11th to August 10th, Pokémon fans can head to participating GAME stores to get a fiery Charizard for their Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game via Nintendo Zone.

The character is holding the Mega Stone which enables it to Mega Evolve during battle, becoming even more powerful.

Pokémon X players will get a Charizard holding a Charizardite Y Mega Stone, while Pokémon Y players will get one holding a Charizardite X.

Players should being their copy of Pokémon X or Y and Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system.

GAME will also feature the recently released Pokémon TCG: XY – Flashfire expansion, where Charizard appears on several cards.

For shops without access to Nintendo Zone, fans can ask for a special code at the till.

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