Pokémon TV app re-launches with updated features

Pokémon TV is re-launching with a whole host of new features, including up to 60 episodes of Pokémon animation.

Each of the episodes are available to stream via the app, as well as regular showings of feature-length Pokémon movies.

Users will also be able to download one episode or movie to watch offline when network access is unavailable.

My Channel is another new feature included, which will automatically save videos to a user’s channel, along with Push Notifications, where viewers can find out when new movies and episodes have been added to the app.

Plus, a new feature called Rate Videos will also allow users to rate a video after they have watched it, while the new Downloadable Content application will grant viewers access to content when they are offline.

The app is available to download for free for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices.

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