Popeye hits rails in Japanese footwear promo

One of Japan’s busiest rail lines has received a visit from the world’s most famous sailorman Popeye with a new promotion from footwear licensee TOSMAX.

The promotion was part of a deal brokered by King Features’ Japanese agent, Copyrights Asia to promote the new Popeye and Olive Oyl footwear range.

TOSMAX secured ad space on all the cars of the Japan Rail Keihin Tohoku railway line, one of Japan’s busiest, which runs from Yokohama to Tokyo and on northward to Omiya, with a weekly ridership of more than 12.5 million passengers.

In addition to complete saturation of print ads and billboards throughout the entire train, a video screen in each car ran a promotion of the highlighted Popeye and Olive styles together with one of the original live-action Popeye “AniMinute” videos crafted by Frank Caruso and the King Features Creative team and available on and on YouTube.

“TOSMAX has been the most enthusiastic and supportive partner for us in this enterprise,” said Cathleen Titus, King Features Vice President of International Licensing. “We were thrilled to be able to offer them the bonus of using one of our Popeye AniMinute videos, which have proved to be amazingly popular on YouTube in the U.S. and worldwide.”

The Popeye and Olive adults casual footwear styles are available in retail stores throughout the region as well as on Amazon Japan and

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