“The Red Harlequin is an exciting new addition to our YA fantasy list."

Prava i Prevodi brings The Red Harlequin to Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Greece

The oldest literary agency in Eastern Europe, Prava i Prevodi, has been appointed as sub-agent for Roberto Ricci’s YA fantasy series, The Red Harlequin in 19 countries comprising Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Greece.

Milena Kaplarevic, rights manager of Prava I Prevodi closed the deal with Ricci’s Agent Lisa Hryniewicz of Koko Media.

“The Red Harlequin is an exciting new addition to our YA fantasy list," said Kaplarevic.

"A series of such quality and originality is certain to capture the imagination of readers across Eastern Europe, and we look forward to seeing it translated into many more languages.”

Lisa Hryniewicz added: “We are delighted to partner up with such a well-established agency and look forward to developing a global network of top-tier agencies and publishers.

"We also agree that The Red Harlequin, given its rich history and timeless legends, will be a perfect fit for the Eastern European market."

The Red Harlequin follows Asheva, a teenager living in a complex world divided among Chrome Nations, where everyone lives hidden behind a mask. The first four books follow Asheva’s initial journey of self-discovery, during which he evolves from a blindly devoted son of a Black Nation warrior, to a powerful and wise leader, uniter of all the Chrome Nations.

The series is also being developed as a transmedia concept across publishing, music, film, and licensing, with publishing as the first key pillar.

The first book was a successful on WATTPAD, reaching well over 100,000 reads.

Elsewhere, French rights have been acquired by Editions AdA and the book should hit French markets in 2015.

A Hip Hop album is also in production, with the first song, Behind the Mask launching on digital platforms in October.

A feature film treatment is in development, and negotiations with publishing companies, literary agents and music labels are under way around the world.

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