‘Publishing is a key category for Petra’s Planet’ says Blonde Sheep Licensing’s Natasha Dyson

Can you tell me a bit about the publishing programme for Petra’s Planet?

Author Eevamaria Halttunen initially came up with the idea of creating the books to help her own children understand the diversity of the world, and began by telling stories to her own children about countries that she had visited. Those countries were then researched to ensure that the information in the Petra books was accurate.

In 2006 Dramaforum, the owner of Petra’s Planet, self-published four books in Finland, which are available to buy online. Each book takes Petra to a different country (Lapland, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Senegal), where she embarks on a new adventure and learns about different cultures and traditions. Audio books were launched earlier this year.

Petra and the Northern Lights has been translated into Russian, English and French and is available as physical as well and digital books. Later this year it will be translated in Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Swedish for audio books.

We are now looking for a publisher to republish the original books and create new content. New content can include ready-to-read books, continuing Petra’s adventures to new countries, travel journals, activity and puzzle books and sticker and collectable books.

How important is the publishing market to the property?

Publishing is a key category for Petra’s Planet given the history of the brand and also has the potential to develop it further. Dramaforum’s ambition is for Petra’s Planet to have a presence wherever children learn, play and explore. Publishing offers huge potential for children to learn.

Are there any other licensing areas the brand will be tapping into in the future?

Other categories of interest are toys and games, apparel and accessories, stationery, outdoor, home and paper products.

Which licensing partners are already on board for Petra’s Planet?

We currently have three licensees. An editorial partnership with Kennedy Publishing with regular Petra’s Planet content in Cute Magazine (UK) and So Süss Magazine in Germany, which launched in November 2015. Print on Demand personalised apparel with T-shirt booth and charity partner Elimu launches in April, and Event Merchandising Live who will be managing the online Petra’s Planet shop.

What are your plans for the brand throughout 2016?

The next big launch for Petra’s Planet is the digital magazine, which is launching in the summer.

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