Punk outfit Ramones and iconic rock group Rush join Zee Productions’ ‘puzzles revolution’

The party just keeps going for Zee Productions, a company of rock and heavy metal music lovers, who has made it its mission to revolutionise the puzzles market with artwork of some of the scene’s best loved artwork, as it welcomes the USA punk outfit Ramones and the iconic rock band Rush to the fold.

Zee Productions, headed up by self-confessed metal-head Steve Beatty, will now release a slate of new puzzles featuring the artwork of three classic Ramones albums, and four of Rush’s best-loved LPs.

A line of 500 piece jigsaws featuring artwork from Ramones’ Rocket to Russia, Road to Ruin and Its Alive will be released this September 20th.

“The iconic art of some of Punk Rocks most influential and highly regarded albums is presented in puzzle form for the first time,” said Beatty. “All puzzles come in a vinyl box set sized box, perfect to fit alongside your vinyl collection.”

In the same month, the licensed puzzles outfit – an off-shoot of Beatty’s own Plastic Head business –  will release four classic Rush album covers as 500 piece jigsaws.

Fly By Night, A Farewell to Kings, Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures  will be released on September 20th.

“This will be a must-have for Rush and classic rock fans alike,” added Beatty.

Earlier this year, Beatty detailed his plans to ‘revolutionise’ and ‘breathe new life into’ the puzzles scene by delivering artwork from some of the rock and heavy metal scene’s most iconic album covers. The mission started with the launch of puzzles featuring artwork from albums by Slayer and Iron Maiden.

Beatty has promised that there is ‘plenty more in store from Zee Productions, and Rock Saws,’ and insists that whatever it is that he and his outfit launches next, “it won’t be boring.”

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