Rainbow holds king-sized event for Regal Academy

Rainbow transformed Italy’s Gradara Castle into the Regal Academy this weekend, for a fan event that celebrated the hit animated show.

The special ‘Pumpkins Away!’ weekend saw fans treated to a range of engaging activities. These included lessons in dragonology, spells and potions, and fairytale history – taught by Cinderella and the other teachers from the show – as well as a live show performed in the castle’s piazza and featuring all the characters.

Regal Academy follows the life of Rose Cinderella – a normal girl whose world is turned upside down when she discovers her granny is the fabled Cinderella! Before her feet touch the ground, she’s enrolled at the Regal Academy – a school run by her grandmother and a host of other fairy tale characters, who pass on wisdom to the next generation. 

The show has been a hit with viewers with season one pulling in impressive viewing figures and a second season currently in production.

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