Agency will develop partnerships for a host of characters from the Bear in Underwear book series.

Remarkable Brands named exclusive worldwide licensing agent for Tighty Whitey Brands

Remarkable Brands, a New York City-based licensing and branding agency, has been named the exclusive worldwide licensing agent for Todd Goldman’s Tighty Whitey Brands.

The agency will develop licensing partnerships for a host of skivvy-wearing characters from the Bear in Underwear book series.

There are 12 titles in the series and an animated pilot launching this month on Amazon Studios.

Remarkable Brands also will develop consumer products for Doodler’s Veggies with Wedgies books, which includes three titles, as well as his Animals in Undies, Food in Underwear, and Dogs in Underwear brands.

“I’m so excited to be working closely with Todd on the hilarious and fun Tighty Whitey properties,” said Stacey Reiner, president, Remarkable Brands.

“These best-selling books and popular brands have been making people all around the globe smile for years, and we look forward to providing fans with many more ways to enjoy Tighty Whitey’s briefs-bearing heroes.”

Tighty Whitey’s Goldman, who writes children’s books under his pen name Todd H. Doodler, added: “Remember to change your underwear at least once a week."

Remarkable Brands is developing a broad-scale licensing programme for the brands in categories such as apparel, including underwear, toys, games and plush, stationery and more.

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