Happy Meal gets digital makeover

McDonald?s takes its Happy Meal to the computer screen after almost 30 years of toys.
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McDonald’s Europe has partnered with Fuel Industries, a Canadian entertainment studio, to introduce children to new licensed characters via their computers.

From spring, children across forty countries and 11 different languages will be introduced to four Fairies and four Dragons via interactive CD-Roms. The disc will be included in a plastic case in the Happy Meal. It will contain a number of games which children can access by following audio and visual clues.

Warren Tomlin, chief creative officer, Fuel Industries, said: “Working in partnership with McDonald’s Europe has been a great experience, and it is giving us a unique opportunity to have our creations experienced by millions of kids worldwide.

“By licensing characters and content from our 100-person shop in Ottawa, McDonald’s Europe is making a fantastic statement: when a company is determined to create top-quality content, people will stand up and take notice.”


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