Revived Madballs brand launches to mobile with lock screen security app

American Greetings Entertainment has partnered with IconLogin to launch a new lock screen app starring Madballs.

The image-based Android app features the cast of disgusting characters from the Madballs universe, allowing users to unlock their phones by using Skull Face, Slobulus, Horn Head, Screamin’ Meemie, Dust Brain and Oculus Orbus instead of a numerical keypad and pin code.

The free app is in line with the growing popularity of using images to secure mobile phones. Furthermore, the characters appear in a different order each time instead of the static layout like most keypads, adding extra security to the Madballs app.

When initially downloaded, a free keypad of 12 Madballs is presented, allowing the user to choose their own Picture Password sequence using four of the Madballs.

Each time the Android device wakes up, the same 12 Madballs images appear on the keypad in a randomised order.

When the correct four Madballs are chosen in the same order, the device is unlocked.

The app is available from Google’s Play Store now.

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