RHS reveals new artwork collection in its RHS Licensing Geometric Style Guide 2018

The Royal Horticultural Society has unveiled new artwork to support its continued expansion in licensing to offer partners new on-trend design options.

The new extension of the already successful RHS Licensing Style Guide has been called the RHS Licensing Geometric Style Guide 2018.

The 22 new patterns in the guide, including those named Pathways, Fleury, Dandy, Dance and Hearts, have been created to reflect the current trend for geometric design in the cultural zeitgeist.

New as they are however, they are inspired by two formal garden design styles dating from the 1600s and 1700s, called Knot Garden and Parterre.

While according to the RHS team, most of the original gardens have been lost, the RHS Lindey Library contains artworks displaying the original garden plans and planting layouts that inspired the places. The patterns are now being offered to new and existing licensees for the creation of packaging, home textiles, gifts, ceramics, clothing, stationery and more.

Cathy Snow, licensing manager, RHS, said: “Even a brand that has been a household name for over 200 years can’t afford to rest on its laurels. We are always looking for ways to enhance our brand offering and the trend towards geometric design has been an unmissable opportunity to reveal the riches that, uniquely, gardening history can offer.

“I am sure the RHS Licensing Geometric Style Guide 2018 will be enormously popular with both existing and new licensees.” 

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