Rooster Teeth launches first mobile video platform app

Online production studio Rooster Teeth has launched its first mobile video platform, allowing fans to view its roster of comedy content on the move.

Launching on iOS and Android today, Rooster Teeth’s mobile app offers access to classic and current content and channels for mobile and tablet users.

The launch kicks off with a roster of subscriber-exclusive content including the September 14th premiere of Let’s Play Live: The Documentary and Rooster Teeth Entertainment System starring Colton Dunn of Laxer Team, Key and Peele and Superstore fame.

“With the release of our new app and the recent re-launch of our mobile optimized website, our fans really have more freedom as to how they want to watch their favourite Rooster Teeth shows,” said Matt Hullum, rooster Teeth CEO and co-founder.

“We have had amazing support for years from our loyal Sponsor community, and easier access to content and the rollout of exclusive new shows gives them even more value.”

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