Rovio and Shakira partner for new game

Rovio has announced Love Rocks, an all-new game co-created with pop star Shakira.

Featuring a drop-3 gameplay mechanic, Love Rocks invites players to join Shakira on a globetrotting adventure to drop and link colourful jewels and glittering charms that create long chains, high scores.

Beginning in Shakira’s home of Barcelona, players progress onward to the Taj Mahal, El Dorado and more in 150 levels soundtracked with Shakira’s beats, with plenty more levels to come in future updates.

“Love Rocks has been an exceptional project to be involved in from the start, and working with Rovio has been such an eye-opening and fun experience,” commented Shakira.

“Not only did I get to see behind the scenes on how games I love to play are built, I actually participated and they were very open to letting me brainstorm with them and help make decisions, so the end product is a true collaboration.”

The game also features social integration with Facebook and Twitter, enabling players to share with and challenge their friends and try to beat the score of Shakira herself, all while following the #LoveRocks conversation.

Love Rocks is available to download now from the App Store or Google Play.

Check out Shakira touring the Rovio office below:

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