Consumer product licensing revenues dropped from €71.3m in 2013 to €41.4m in 2014.

Rovio suffers year on year decline in consumer product licensing revenues

Rovio Entertainment, the creator of the Angry Birds brand, has announced its preliminary financial results for the full 2014 calendar year, and on the consumer products front, it "was not a satisfactory year".

Rovio’s total consolidated full-year revenue amounted to €158.3 million, down year on year by nine per cent based on comparable figures.

Elsewhere, the firm suffered year on year decline in consumer product licensing revenues, dropping from €71.3m in 2013 to €41.4m in 2014.

Rovio’s games and media businesses revenue grew by 16 per cent and 19 per cent to €110.7 million and € 6.2 million respectively.

“On the consumer product side, 2014 was not a satisfactory year," said new Rovio CEO Pekka Rantala.

"However, the upcoming Angry Birds feature film is getting very positive reactions from major retail and licence partners, as well as from consumer focus groups. This will have a positive impact on licensing in the coming years. In the next few months, we expect major announcements of partnerships in the licensing space.

“2014 results show that steps in the game portfolio, free to play competency building and advertising are going in the right direction.

"I am confident that with new simplified organisation and clearer vision, we will be back to the path of growth in 2015.

“I feel very good about our 2015 games roadmap. Since the beginning of the year we have launched two games, Jolly Jam and Angry Birds Stella POP! and we have soft launched two more. All of these are getting very good reviews.

"Our Asia expansion is also proceeding well. Angry Birds Fight will be our first game developed specifically for the world´s biggest game market, Japan. Furthermore, we have strong partnerships in China with Kunlun and Alibaba, and we are working with other partners in the region, including Korea."

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