Roy Lowe & Sons raises over $1,500 from Vegas fundraiser

The boys from Roy Lowe & Sons were up to their usual fundraising tricks at Licensing Expo last week, all in the name of The Light Fund.

This year, in an attempt to integrate (or humiliate, depending on how you look at it) the latest member of the team – account manager, Rob Broadhurst – execs were invited to guess his date of birth, with suggestions ranging from 1960 up to 1988.

It was a similar take with the tiebreaker question of ‘guess Rob’s weight’, as the spread (pun intended) ranged from a delusional ten stone up to a downright insulting 18 stone.

Fortunately, there were a fair proportion of people who were at least in the ball park, but none got close to the eventual winner, Mothercare’s Barbara Robinson, who was only 13 days out on the actual date of birth with her guess.

The final figure raised for The Light Fund was $1,581, and Roy Lowe & Sons would like to thank all those who participated, either voluntarily or under duress.

Robinson donated her $400 prize winnings back to The Light Fund.

And, for those who are keen to know, the results after the official weigh in and driving license check were September 25th, 1984 and a healthy 14st 7lbs.

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