Backpacks, trolley bags, stationery, puzzles and more will launch across UK retail.

Sambro to develop new Garfield merchandise

Bulldog Licensing has teamed with Sambro to develop a portfolio of products featuring the popular cartoon cat, Garfield.

The wide range of Garfield merchandise will include backpacks, 3D backpacks, trolley bags, stationery and puzzles, and will launch across UK retail.

The lasagna-loving feline was first introduced in 1978, and now features in over 2,100 newspapers across the globe.

Garfield has also spawned two feature length films and three CGI animated movies.

The latest deal follows Bulldog’s recent partnership with Brand International, the firm currently developing a range of Garfield slippers.

“We are delighted to have signed Sambro and it is joining a booming programme,” says Vicky Hill of Bulldog Licensing.

“This popularity is not surprising, he is one of the world’s most recognisable cartoon characters and is loved by kids and adults alike so the programme keeps growing for fans of all ages.”

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