Sanrio unveils new booze-loving character, Aggretsuko

Sanrio, the makers of Hello Kitty, has introduced fans to its latest fictional character in the form of red panda, Aggretsuko.

A far cry from the friendly London-based Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko is a heavy-metal-singing, alcohol-loving panda.

In a video introducing the new character, Aggretsuko describes herself as a 25-year-old single female, who works as an office associate for a trading company in Tokyo.

Dealing with the everyday struggles of working life, Aggretsuko finds release in taking part in some heavy-metal karaoke at the end of the day, where she sings, ‘l’ll quit one day anyway. This is not my fate’. alongside a drink or two.

Check out the video of Sanrio’s new panda character below:

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