SEGA unveils new retro game back catalogue service

SEGA has announced a new retro game service headed to mobile devices in the form of SEGA Forever, a new long-running initiative that is slated to see over 1000 classic SEGA titles released for free.

The first five titles, including the original Sonic The Hedgehog launched through the service yesterday, with new titles releasing every two weeks going forward.

"The vision behind the project is to change the way the world plays, rediscovers and shares classic gaming content," said SEGA’s cheif marketing officer Mike Evans, speaking to video games trade title and sister site MCV.

"We’ve spent a long time figuring out how to put the right ad model into this." explains Evans. "We’ve not put any ads into the game experience, just around the game experience, in the wrapper, and they’re not intrusive. Then there’s a single in-app purchase that disables adverts. Ad-free it’s a $1.99, it doesn’t matter the console era, so whether it’s Dreamcast or SG-1000 the idea is simplicity, so consumers understand that proposition."

SEGA plans to monetize older games through ads, allowing new fans and old-school gamers to revisit these games on the go, with the option of laying down a fee for an ad-free experience.

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