Sir Lenny Henry offers industry insight in the 2016 Children’s Media Foundation Yearbook

Kids’ media experts Sir Lenny Henry and BBC’s Alice Webb have offered their own insights towards this year’s Children’s Media Foundation’s annual Yearbook.

Covering a range of news, views and issues about the health of the children’s media industry today, the 2016 Yearbook will launch at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield this week.

Described as a ‘must-have manual of the kids’ media scene,’ the publication will feature insight from a range of contributors including child development expert Dr. Amanda Gummer and Dr. Barbie Clarke, journalists Stuart Dredge and Rebecca Atkinson and researcher Peter Robinson.

Many of these contributors will also be on hand at this year’s conference to discuss their chosen topic of expertise.

Dubit’s head of research, Robinson takes a look at cross-generational entertainment and how some of the most popular kids’ brands of today such as LEGO, Minecraft an Star Wars have been enjoyed, endorsed or handed down by parents and grandparents.

Meanwhile, BBC’s director of children’s, Alice Webb will outline how the BBC is reacting to the changing world in the way that it interacts with its youngest audiences.

Sir Lenny Henry has penned the Yearbook’s closing article, in which he has stated: ‘All children should have access to the best our industry can offer, and The Children’s Media Foundation is at the forefront of fighting for the best in children’s content and ensuring that it is fully diverse and representative.

‘The children of today will shape our world and I am pleased that the CMF is helping to give them the widest possible range of opportunities to do so.’

The Children’s Media Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation set up to help offer UK kids the best in media choices across all platforms and all ages.

For more information or to buy a copy of the Yearbook, click here.

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