Smiley animated TV series on the way

Smiley, OuiDO! Productions and PGS are teaming up to launch a Smiley animated TV series for kids aged four to seven years old. 

The new series will be produced by OuiDO! Productions and by associate producer Theresa Plummer-Andrews who will oversee the development.

Smiley will be in charge of all related brand development and will be executive producer on the series while PGS has acquired all international media distribution rights to the show.

“Smiley has been more than a spirit and philosophy," said Nicolas Loufrani, CEO, Smiley.

"It’s a wonderful reminder to people everywhere of how powerful a smile is and how much a simple smiley can change both your life and the lives of others around you.

"Working on a TV series for kids today enables us to spread our values to younger audiences throughout the world, making it a happier place. It’s a natural expansion, after 42 years of success, to give life to the famous brand founded by my father and the emoticons I created in 1997."

Guillaume Soutter, President, PGS HK, added: “Smiley is an icon for kids and parents that provides endless comedy potential with the ability to understand emotion in a fun and entertaining way.

"It’s a unique project now in production with marquee partners, such as Ouido, and will tap the expertise of Theresa, whose name has always been synonymous with great, entertaining and positive content. With Smiley being the creator and the market leader in happiness, we couldn’t be prouder that we are representing the very best.”

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