Smiley apparel heads to Zara stores

A new line of Smiley apparel is now available in Zara stores nationwide.

Launched for winter 2016, the retailer has unveiled a range of Smiley handbags including a smart business city bag boasting the Smiley icon on the bag’s flap.

Other new items include a women’s poplin shirt and a khaki bomber jacket for kids.

“The latest collection between Smiley and Zara shows the continued demand for Smiley products at the most influential fashion retailers in the world today,” said Nicolas Loufrani, CEO of Smiley.

“My team have worked hard to continue to keep Smiley as a leading trend on the High Street, and the measure of this success is that our distribution is growing into new doors and our products are now at retail all year round.

“Currently we have fashion ranges in store with at least 10 major retailers, and with some exciting new deals in place for 2017, I’m looking forward to seeing this continue well into next year."

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