Smiley launches pop-up sweet shop in Belgium with Trendy Foods

Smiley has partnered with Trendy Foods and Carrefour to create a Smiley Foods experience in Belgium, an exclusive pop-up candy store.

The new concept has reportedly already been a huge hit with customers, pulling together the best and brightest of Smiley’s licensees from the snack world in a unique sweet shop.

Pioneered by Trendy Foods, the concept includes a range of unique pick and mix sweets that all feature Smiley’s patented 3D shape such as gummies, embossed jelly candies, gumballs and printed edible sugar paper.

The store also features a range of non-Smiley shaped/printed candies including locirice and boiled sweets as well as a DIY Smiley Candy Cake.

As well as a range of Smiley sweets from Trendy Foods and Lutti, there are more chocolates from Zaini, biscuits from L’Abbaye and Hellema, as well as a collection of tasty Smiley crisps from Intersnack.

The Smiley pop-ups will run with Carrefour into 2019.

Smiley Food category VP, Lori Heiss, said: “I am really excited by the launch of this exciting project, as we continue to utilise our insight driven packaging concept Smiley Foods and leverage the global craze for Smiley icons.

“These ingredients have set Smiley Foods up as the premier multi-category food brand for the happy generation and seeing activations like this at Carrefour only serve to reinforce our standout success in food licensing.”

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