Smiley partners with Uniqlo for new Rubik’s apparel line

The Smiley Company has brokered a new apparel deal with Uniqlo to create a range of Rubik’s t-shirts for the New Year.

The deal will see streetwear inspired Rubik’s prints launch across Uniqlo’s global distribution network of over 1,500 stores and further highlights the growing demand for Rubik’s product outside of traditional channels.

The Smiley Company is continuing to leverage its apparel network to create new channel opportunities for the brand extension it is operating on behalf of Rubik’s Brand Ltd.

Smiley CEO, Nicolas Loufrani, said: “As Rubik’s sales continue to build globally, so does the confidence of new partners in the brand extension.

“We are really now seeing the benefits of the hard work of my team in spreading the message of these successes at retail. We are also now starting to see the tangible benefits of all the trade shows we have been showing at.

“I am really pleased to sign a deal with Uniqlo, who is one of the coolest multiples on the high street today and also producing great quality products.” 

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