Smiley showcases Egg-Moji at New York Toy Fair

The Smiley company has expanded its toy range with a new collaboration with Terrier Worldwide, the Egg-Moji, which was revealed at New York Toy Fair.

The Egg-Moji is an interchangeable figurine with collectable accessories that allow for customisation. Egg-Moji is packed in a plastic egg which acts as a blind pack, and filled with coloured dough that contains a plastic “yolk” with 1 Smiley figurine and 2 accessories.

“20 years after the birth of our Smileys we have finally found a partner who understands how to leverage our wide variety of icons in a playful way," commented Smiley CEO, Nicolas Loufrani.

"This is really important for us because we need consumers to understand the depth of the Smiley brand’s creativity and that with 20 categories and over 3000 individual Smiley based icons, we offer the best collectible experience in the licensing industry.”

The first series launched to the trade at Toy Fair and will feature a selection of 100 icons, all with a range of different accessories that can be used across all the icons. The range will hit shelves this Summer and the program will be supported by a YouTube unboxing campaign, which continues to be one of the leading viral video trends. The range will also see a table top POS display unit launched at all retailers.

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