Smiley showcases greeting card line at Progressive Greetings Live

Smiley are celebrating a successful showing at Progressive Greetings Live, where the firm debuted their archive of creative designs to attendees.

Progressive Greetings Live is the only trade show dedicated for the greeting card industry and welcomes a host of industry professionals ranging from card buyers to retailers and overseas distributors around the world. 

“PG Live was a unique way to announce our ambitions in the UK Greetings Cards market, following Smiley’s recent award of Best Licensed Lifestyle Brand 2017," commented Daniel McGeehan, international licensing manager.

"Our ultimate goal is to spread happiness through social expression, giving families around the country new and fun ways to connect with their loved ones," McGeehan added. "By showcasing the breadth and depth of our creative artwork on offer – it also gave us a co-operative platform to preview the collection to both publishers and retailers. We now look forward to revealing some big partnership announcements in the months to come!”

Influenced by the brand’s latest style guide library, the Smiley stand proved popular with passersby with its striking gold foil and marbling affects, both leading trends today.

Smiley’s greeting cards venture has stemmed from its success in the German market with publishing partner BSB selling over one million units of Smiley greeting cards each year. 

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