Sony taps Deadpool director for Sonic the Hedgehog movie

Sony has tapped Deadpool director Tim Miller to executive produce a live-action CGI movie based on the videogame icon Sonic the Hedgehog.

The movie is still in its earliest stages of development with a script in the works by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, the names behind Golan the Insatiable and Blur Studio’s Jeff Fowler tipped to direct.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has revealed it is teaming with Marza Animation Planet, a CG animation film production company of the Sega Sammy Group to work on the project.

An icon of the video gaming market, Sonic the Hedgehog made his first game appearance in 1991 and has since gone on to sell more than 350 million units of games associated with the character, including packaged and digital games across consoles, mobile and tablet platforms.

Of the film’s potential director, Miller said: “Jeff is an incredible director with strong story instincts.

“The world of Sonic presents the perfect opportunity for Jeff to leverage his experience in animation to bring new dimension to this iconic character.”

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