New fully animated movie will explore the origins of The Smurfs.

Sony’s Get Smurfy to hit cinemas in 2017

To mark this year’s Global Smurfs Day, Sony Pictures Animation has revealed details of its next Smurf movie, titled Get Smurfy.

Get Smurfy, directed by Shrek 2’s Kelly Asbury, will ditch the live action setting of the previous Smurf movies and is instead a fully computer-animated feature film.

The film sees Smurfette (voiced by Demi Lovato) and her brothers trekking through the uncharted Enchanted Forest to try and discover a fabled Smurfs village before their nemesis, the evil wizard Gargamel (voiced by Rainn Wilson), does.

Get Smurfy will land in cinemas on March 31st, 2017.

"The continued popularity of the Smurfs is unmistakable, and this new outing will return them to the fully-animated world that launched them," said director Kelly Asbury.

Producer Jordan Kerner added: "We felt it was important to take a very different approach with this origin story. 

"It returns to the roots of Peyo’s creation in this CG animated adventure. I hope it will delight not only fans but audiences worldwide. We couldn’t be more excited with the talented new cast we’re starting to assemble for our Smurfy reboot."

Sony Pictures Animation’s Kristine Belson continued: "We have gathered a group of filmmakers and artists who have grown up with these loveable characters, and Get Smurfy will be imbued with the same spirit of adventure that first made all of us lifelong fans of these little blue guys, and girl."

Check out the voice cast for the film getting their Smurf on below:

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