Sooty and Sweep will have to rescue Soo, who has been kidnapped by an evil showbiz impresario.

Sooty: The Movie to land in 2016

Redan Alchemy has revealed that a Sooty movie is in development, scheduled for release in 2016.

The movie will be filmed next year, and with the licensing programme taking off, a top rated TV series on air and a sell-out live tour underway, owner and presenter Richard Cadell feels the time is right to take the iconic bear to the big screen.

On the plot, Cadell revealed: “Soo has been kidnapped by an evil showbiz impresario who will pull every trick in the book to turn her into a global superstar and Sooty and Sweep need her back.

“The film will be peppered with spectacular locations, countless celebrity cameos and buckets of slapstick – without detracting from the charm of the nation’s favourite teddy bear, Sooty and his dim-witted best friend Sweep.”

Cadell also stated that the shoot will have ‘extremely high production values, with a budget that befits the big screen debut of the world’s longest running children’s TV character’.

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