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Sweep is currently leading Golden Bear's poll.

Sooty V Sweep campaign heats up with ‘political broadcasts’

Golden Bear’s Sooty V Sweep campaign is heating up with the launch of ‘poltical broadcasts’ for the two TV icons on YouTube.

Fans have three weeks left to vote for their favourite and the Sooty V Sweep voting website has now registered thousands of votes.

Currently, Sweep is leading the poll but Sooty hopes his campaign video will help swing the result back into his favour.

Votes can be registered online at www.SootyVsweep.com or through the election Twitter account @SootyVSweep by retweeting #Votesweep or #Votesooty. 

Physical polling booths have also been organised through The Entertainer with all stores having voting slips, polling boxes and rosettes for everyone in store for two weeks from September 22nd.

The final Election Day is Wednesday October 8th and the official results will be announced at BLE the same day at 3 pm by Sooty owner Richard Cardell.

“The Sooty V Sweep campaign is something that everyone can be involved in, and many adults and children have an opinion on who is their favourite," said Barry Hughes, Golden Bear’s general manager.

"Although everyone loves both Sooty and Sweep but if you ask the question most have one they favour. Who’s the nation favourite though will be up for the public to decide.”

Take a look at the election videos below:

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