Spacetoon starts airing Gormiti in anticipation of toy launch across MENA

MENA’s free to air kids’ TV channel, Spacetoon, has begun airing a new series of Gormiti in preparation of the launch of the official toy line across the market next month.

The action-comedy animation series is based on one of Europe’s most popular toys lines, which was released for the first time in 2005, before being turned into an animated series in 2018. Over the last year, Gormiti has picked up audiences across the US, Latin America, and Italy.

The CGI-animated series follows four boys, each representing a different elemental tribe of their homeland Gorm, and Ao-ki, a Light Girl, who leads and trains them. With her help, the boys must learn to master their elemental bracers, which when used properly summon legendary heroes of the corresponding elements to fight on their behalf.

However, standing in their way is Voidus, leader of the evil Darkans who are looking to escape their shadowy world of Darkor and conquer Gorm.

The Dubai-based company, Spacetoon acquired the licensing rights of broadcasting 52 episodes of Gormiti on Spacetoon Kids’ TV with Arabic dubbing while ToyPro, the sister company of Spacetoon, will have the rights for the toys line of Gormiti in MENA.

ToyPro has already teamed up with ALGT to expand the reach of Gormiti’s products in the MENA market. Both companies announced their plan to bring a collection of Gormiti’s best-selling toys worldwide to the MENA by the beginning of October this year.

The Gormiti toys, which will be released in the market, include a collection of mini multi-coloured action figures for both boys and girls inspired by the Gormiti’s series characters, which have sold over 500 million units in more than 50 counties. These launch in addition to Gormiti’s hand accessories, apps and videogames.

Fayez Al Sabbagh, president of Spacetoon Group, said: “We see potential opportunities to invest in this franchise and make great results. Our main goal now is to find new creative ways to leverage the presence of Gormiti in the MENA market and deliver something unique and special to our audience.”

Spacetoon pointed out that Gormiti release in MENA will be supported by many activities and events, and declared that some of them have been already scheduled for this year.

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