Spider-man PS4 game launching in September

Sony’s stunning open-world Spider-Man game has been dated for September 7th.

The game was revealed at E3 2016, bringing the Spider-Man property to consoles for the first time since 2012. 

Developed by Insomniac Games, famed for producing the wildly successful Ratchet & Clank series (which spawned a movie adaptation in 2016), the game will allow players to explore an open-world rendering of New York, swinging through the skyscrapers as a 23-year-old version of Peter Parker.

The game has been developed in collaboration with Marvel as an exclusive to Sony’s systems, due to the company still holding the rights to the Spider-Man property outside of the comic books.

Sony licensed the Spider-Man property to Disney and Marvel Studios in 2016 to produce the box office smash Spider-Man: Homecoming. Spider-Man has also appeared in Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

You can view the game’s first gameplay demo, showed at E3 last year, below.

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