Spin Master sees ‘huge momentum’ for Paw Patrol toy line

Popular pre-school property Paw Patrol is enjoying ‘huge momentum’ that will help take it to new levels of success for the year ahead. 

Master toy partner and co-owner Spin Master has revealed to ToyNews that it has high expectations for its new line of Paw Patrol toys, following what it has billed a ‘very strong year’for the brand throughout 2015.

“We’re seeing huge momentum behind Paw Patrol in 2016,” explained Emma Eden, marketing manager at Spin Master.

“We have some incredibly exciting things coming up before we even launch our fantastic autumn/winter range.”

Despite The Air Rescue segment only just hitting shelves, Spin Master has already experienced positive feedback from the US market where the line has proved to be very popular.

“We expect to see the Air Patroller and Air Rescue Pups quickly enter the top ten selling Paw Patrol toys,” Eden added.

The new collection boasts a flying theme featuring an Air Patroller and line of Collectable Air Rescue Pups that don flight suits and removable flight packs. According to the firm these will provide a new unique play pattern for kids. 

“The flying theme is simple but its adds another point of difference and a great play pattern.

“We’ve seen children collect the entire Paw Patrol range and believe that Air Rescue will be no different.”

With a portfolio spanning crafts, puzzles, construction toys and outdoor lines, the pre-school market presents a key area of growth for Spin Master.

“Pre-school is an expanding area for us with the launch of our Noddy Toyland Detective master toy range this summer,” said Eden. 

“As a home grown property Paw Patrol is hugely important to Spin Master and we are looking forward to building a long lasting, evergreen brand."

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