Sports stars’ marketing values unveiled in new brand and sponsor-geared index

If you’ve ever pondered the marketing influence and sway sports players can hold over your brand, wonder no longer.

Filter Digital has launched a new social index for sport players that, for the first time, evaluates marketing value through a combination of social following, engagement metrics and team performance.

Called Sportstar Influencer, the platform uses social engagement, media and sentiment datapoints to rate and rank sport players against each other, comparing them at a local, national and international level.

The launch of the platform includes the first public dataset – the Barclays Premier League. Providing an individual score for every single player in the league and ranking both players and teams in order of their index score, the Influencer List shows where each player ranks against their peers.

The platform emerges at a time in which the importance of the sports industry becomes increasingly recognised among brands and sponsors who are seeking influencer marketing to place their products in front of their target audiences.

By understanding how players rank against each other in their own sports, as well as across multiple sports, brands and sponsors can take better decision over where they spend their budgets.

Oliver Morrison, Filter Digital CEO, said: “While working on a report for a client, it became clear that no single index existed for how influential sports players are, and how they compare to each other. Sportstar Influencer changes that, allowing brands to understand which players can provide can provide the most effective return on investment for marketing spend.”

The Premier League is the first dataset available publicly, and for free. In June, the dataset for the World Cup 2018 in Russia will be launched, shortly followed by a move into tennis in July to coincide with Wimbledon. 

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