Star Trek boldly launches new six-week adult learning course

Sci Fi fans will be able to celebrate the cultural and technological impact of Star Trek through a new interactive, online learning platform.

Curated by the Smithsonian Institution and CBS Consumer Products, Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology will give users a six-week learning experience designed to sharpen their understanding of the Star Trek franchise.

Created by NetDragon Websoft Holdings, the programme is part of the debut of a new online platform called Learning for a Small World.

The online course is co-taught by a curator at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood. It features artifacts on display in Washington DC, behind-the-scenes looks at Smithsonian collections and a range of experts from the Smithsonian Institution, academia and the scientific community.

“Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology will explore the futuristic technology and social issues of today, including runaway artificial intelligence, eugenics, discrimination and racial tensions, even examination of the nature of perception and what it mans to be human,” read a statement from the curators.

“The course takes a deep look at how the show, and its fans, both reflected the times and foreshadowed scientific achievements we take for granted and the cultural challenges we face today.”

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