Stoopid Buddy Studios and Super7 prep The Worst animated series

An animated series based on Super7’s toy line The Worst is coming from the award-winning animation studio responsible for Robot Chicken, Stoopid Buddy Studios.

The Worst toy line debuted in 2016, as a throwback to licensed toy line of old, paying tribute to cartoon villains with an all-new line of characters dubbed as "the best of the worst." The line became an overnight hit with collectors, immediately selling out limited run action figures within days of release.

Based on the weird and wonderful characters debuted in the toy line, the animated series will follow the comedic adventures of the group of hapless villains.

"We are really excited about the opportunity to share ‘The Worst’ ideas we have ever had with the world," said Super7 founder, Brian Flynn, "starting with toys, and now moving into animation, we look forward to having worse ideas with even worse partners to create ‘The Worst’ animation ever."

"Being the nerds of nostalgia that we are, we were all in as soon as we saw the art on the packaging for The Worst figures," added Stoopid Buddy Stoodios co-founder, John Harvatine IV.

"What could be better than awesome heavy metal inspired art with action figures that only have five points of articulation? Answer? A cartoon."

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