Stormtrooper creator launches licensing push for iconic outfit

The prop designer behind the Stormtrooper moulds for Star Wars: A New Hope has launched a licensing programme based on his now iconic creation.

Licensing agency Golden Goose, on behalf of designer Andrew Ainsworth, has signed seveal deals with the likes of Trademark Products and Thumbs UP UK to create products inspired by the iconic Stormtrooper costume.

The licensing programme is launching with apparel from Trademark Products and electrical goods, glassware and Ceramics from Thumbs Up UK.

“It’s very gratifying to work with partners who recognise the demand for authentic, high quality products that honour the original Stormtrooper outfit,” said Ainsworth.

Wojtek Kolan, managing director at Thumbs Up, added: “We intend to develop high end products that fans will adore for their authenticity and attention to detail.”

Trademark Products managing director, Phil King, continued: “We’re very pleased to be involved with this exciting opportunity. We want to use this iconic character to create unique designs that will appeal across the age spectrum.”

Golden Goose is ensuring that there is ‘clear differentiation from other licensing programmes’.

“We’re looking to target the demographic who adored the first film," said Golden Goose director Adam Bass.

"These original fans now have the disposable income to treasure products true to this iconic design."

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